About Engaging Faith


As an artist, I first discovered and began to fall in love with the art of calligraphy in a seventh grade art class. And that discovery continued into high school and college. While in college, I found myself majoring in art education and continuing to learn calligraphy when my scheduled allowed.  After graduating with a BA in Art Education from Manchester University and while working full time in churches, my faith and love of calligraphy began to emerge in the various bulletin boards through the church along with the confirmation and graduation gifts for the various people that I worked with.

While studying at Luther Seminary, I discovered that Martin Luther’s intent for his small catechism was to have it in poster form so that his parish members could hang it in their homes and discuss it during mealtimes.  The artist in me wondered why we had lost that and began the process of laying out Luther’s small catechism.

Engaging Faith was formed as a way to continue laying out the catechism pieces and to help individuals and congregations grow in their understanding of scripture and other theological concepts.  When laying out scripture, I enjoy going back to the original text of the Gospel and the Old Testament to incorporate into the final piece so that we get a glimpse and reminder of how we are connected to the ancient church.

My prayer is that this art may be a tool and guide for you as you grow and learn in your church communities and homes wherever that may be. 

Edith Gage

Edith Gage - Engaging Faith Artist